Culture and the arts are critical to our shared sense of identity, values and belonging.

Culture, creativity, and the arts help us make sense of our lives and our every-day experiences, imagine and negotiate new and better ways of living, and they help us heal and recover after a crisis.

They foster innovative thinking and aid in problem solving, ensure sustainable development in our societies, bring people together, build communities, and strengthen our human capabilities and choices.

I am else

I was born in the border region - Sønderjylland-Schleswig - between Denmark and Germany. I identify as an internationalist, a strong European, and as a citizen of the South Danmark border region, Sønderjylland.

Interculturality is inherent in who I am.

This is what I do

I am an experienced practitioner, project manager, entrepreneur and global networker. As advisor, expert and mentor I help clients push boundaries and develop meaningful goals and legacy. I take a global mindset into the local context with my eyes on the world and my feet firmly on the ground. 


Strategic and analytical thinking is my strength along with a well-documented ability to project manage small- and large-scale local, EU and international projects across sectors and territories such as business & tourism, arts & culture, rural/regional & urban development.

This is how I can help you

Offer practical TOOLS, strategic thinking, technical expertise and knowledge on European and global agendas, EU projects, processes and instruments (funding) as well as access to substantial networks in Europe and the World.


I can help you manage projects nationally and internationally, re-think and innovate projects and processes, unleash potentials of creativity and culture in your community/organisation as a driver for necessary changes, draft business plans and strategies, investigate finance options and models, connect nationally and internationally, mentor and facilitate processes, advice on governance, capacity building and facilitate training, conduct research and evaluate processes, curate, facilitate and moderate meetings and conferences and speak at public events - physical and online.